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I have a soft spot for people with a soft spot for elephants. This animation is my gif to you.

elephant gif


Buon Natale Amici

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Serengeti Snaps

In Swahili a Safari is simply the word for ‘journey’, and what a journey it was. Incidentally the swahili word puncture is pumzi.

Most of these shots were taken in either the north or south Serengeti however a couple were shot in Manyara close to Karatu. The speedy monkey was taken on the Island of Zanzibar where I am now.












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In contrast to my last post, this entry is about a sever lack of air. Two punctures would be considered pretty unlucky, eight is just madness.

I had hoped it would stop at five, there’s something very satisfying about that number as a good friend of mine once taught me. Alas five was wishful thinking, the punctures kept coming and they grew old as quickly as a lingering handshake grows awkward.

At least now we are all experts at changing tyres in the middle of the Serengeti.

The following images shows chronologically, the a moment of each one of these incidences, they all occurred within a four day period.

Dar es Slaam to Moshi – One Puncture + Spare tyre discovered to be flat

Moshi to Karatu – Two Punctures

Karatu Robanda (Serengeti + Norongogo) – One Puncture

Serengeti – Two Punctures

Robanda – One Puncture

















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