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House Of Cards

It’s been a while since my last impulsive, late night post. So long I had trouble remembering the login password. I’m in now, so before the spontaneity of it all completely diminishes, here it is.

House of Cards - Joseph Byford

The shot is inspired by this guy, Andrew B. Myers , whose work I really do like. Haven’t yet put my finger on why, but I suppose, like all the stuff I’m drawn too, melancholy is the dominant theme.

As a side note, I have recently updated my website. It showcases my professional portfolio as well as some selected personal projects. Check it out.


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T.V. Dinner

Another Creative Studio shoot. Today’s brief asked for a dining scene, the set had to give the appearance of a natural environment.

It also asked for the shot to be done in full frame 5×4 colour transparency. The two official ones taken tonight will be developed tomorrow. These are some digital captures to give a general feel.

“Food and beverage may also be used” – I used only the best; spam, canned peas, mashed potatoes (fresh from the bag) as well as gravy, it too had to be coaxed from its plastic prison.

Big thanks to Peter Frankland, fellow photographer and willing model.

T.V. Dinner

T.V. Dinner

T.V. Dinner

T.V. Dinner


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