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soh cah toa

As some of my friends have already been made painfully aware, I have recently purchased a new 35mm film camera. It was bought to replace a faithful yet tired companion, my old Nikon fm. The original “Dads Old Camera” was suffering some light leaks, probably due to a few too many hard knocks against train station floors, as well as an out of service light meter. Tired of having to always bring a hand held light meter with me on the streets I decided it was time to shelve the much loved machine and finally purchase the Nikon F4, aka the best 35mm film camera ever made

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Here is a sample of shots to come from the worthy successor.

f4 print scan2

f4 print scan

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Pink Rabbit

Pink Rabbit

Spotted this rebel at the top of Kangaroo Point cliffs today. Not sure why it’s here, perhaps Jeff Koons is roaming about, but I do know Brisbane is in dire need of more, many many more.

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Below Par

Logan Golf Range

Bellow Par

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