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Vintage Homewares

Tonight’s effort. In the same vein as the last post. I’m liking the effect, but not sure if its fascinating enough for a series.

Joseph Byford Photography DSC_4463

Joseph Byford Photography DSC_4444

Joseph Byford Photography DSC_4471

Joseph Byford PhotographyDSC_4442

Joseph Byford Photography DSC_4449

Joseph Byford Photography DSC_4456

Joseph Byford Photography DSC_4467

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So, Im Thinking Black?

Here’s the first bit of progress on my Independent project. The process involves spray painting familiar, organic objects a glossy black before shooting them in studio. This series represents a collection of product shots showing off BLaCKs new range of designer vegetables. The work intendeds to explore the relationship between commercial advertising and individuality.

_DSC9402-Edit-Edit Broccoli Black

The concept was inspired from watching the 2002 Documentary “The Century of the Self”. A fantastic insight into the history of marketing and its relationship to social control. Well recommended to watch it. Here’s a good quote from the third episode (43:00) that relates:

“The answers were then analysed by computers. It revealed that there were underlying patterns about the way people felt about themselves which fitted amongst those categories, and at the top of the hierarchy were a large and growing group which cut across all social classes. The SRI team called them the inner directives. These were people who thought they were not defined by their place in society but by the choices they made themselves. But what SRI discovered was that these people could be defined by the different patterns of behaviour through which they chose to express themselves. Self expression was not infinite, it fell into identifiable types and the SRI team developed a new term for it, Lifestyles. They had managed to categorize the new individualism…It was the beginning of lifestyle marketing”


I have a year to complete it so and will be posting all progress to this blog.

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Comercial Studies Assignment

Hard to believe these two 4×5 negatives took me 6 hours to shoot. Reshot yesterday, this time a 9 hour bout in the studio, will show the results soon. It was fun, but wont be doing it again.

glass002edt glass001edt

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Are You Buying it?

In the hope of gathering some extra funds, needed to upgrade to a full frame Nikon D600,  Iv decided to put some of my stuff up for sale on gumtree. I figure it’s also a good excuse to practice a bit of product photography. Using two studio lights, a speed light,  a mirror, spray bottle to coat the mirror with mist and a bed sheet I ended up with these.  The link to the gumtree page is here, in case you’re interested ( :

DSC_0402 DSC_0403 DSC_0481 DSC_0484 DSC_0486 DSC_0500

These are some shots taken with the camera itself, demonstrating its functionality.

2013-02-19_3 2013-02-19_7 2013-02-19_11 2013-02-19_13

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Money to Burn

“Hey brü, can you score us a loose?” (Danny Archer, Blood Diamond 2006)

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