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House Of Cards

It’s been a while since my last impulsive, late night post. So long I had trouble remembering the login password. I’m in now, so before the spontaneity of it all completely diminishes, here it is.

House of Cards - Joseph Byford

The shot is inspired by this guy, Andrew B. Myers , whose work I really do like. Haven’t yet put my finger on why, but I suppose, like all the stuff I’m drawn too, melancholy is the dominant theme.

As a side note, I have recently updated my website. It showcases my professional portfolio as well as some selected personal projects. Check it out.


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San Pellegrino competition

Turned the lounge room into a studio again. It’s still a mess. These were taken to accompany another shot for a San Pellegrino competition.




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On the Study Sauce


Explored some ideas today for the next Commercial Techniques “Black on Black” assignment. Lots of ideas came to mind, but I settled with this line of thought. I shot this in digital.

The title of the supposed magazine we are shooting for is “Sharp”. I plan to have a triangle obscuring the light coming from the snoot hitting the background. This will split the beam you see now in two. The Bottle should nestle neatly in between the two formed lines. To me it pushes the concept of sharpness.

The concept of “sharpness” has always fascinated me. What does it mean to be sharp. Is it something with less surface area than its opposition, like a piece of paper and a block of butter? No. The edge of a piece of paper could easily buckle before cutting through such a bock. Sharpness must be a combination of minimal surface area and density. This theory works well in most everyday situations; an axe cuts a tree better than a razor blade would, a base ball bat will cut through a dense collection of fog better than a feather would. The razor is sharper but less dense so fails, as does the feather.

Light, however, abides by its own rules, of which I’m learning with the hope of better predicting it in the future.

Il post the progression of the shoot late this week or early next week.

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