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Reflected reflections

I picked up yet another discarded atlas from a garage sale in Byron Bay. These two pages were my favourite and I had to find an excuse to make it a gif. The pacman theme I guess was inspired by the simplicity of the map as well as a need to practice making simple vectors  using Illustrator .

pacman animation map circle map

PrintThe result is this infinitely looping animation created in CS6.


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The Art of Collecting Ephemera

There’s something very melancholic or sentimental about a an old printed piece of paper. I’m always picking up discarded books, used maps, soggy coasters or even paper placemats that take my fancy. Searching the net I found an article by explaining the discipline of collecting what is apparently called “ephemera”. It seems to me that collecting ephemera requires an ability to see beauty in something that would be otherwise ignored by the untrained eye. Photography shares this same quality, which is why, when I come home and scan my latest finds, it feels no different to uploading my raw files after a shoot. Here’s a few of my most recent finds.

My goal is to distil that sentimentality, imbedded in these scraps of paper, and somehow transfer it into a photo. This is what I’ve come up with so far.

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