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Lost in Face

“online communication lacks the risk involved in physically being there, the sheer vulnerability that comes from our fragile bodies in the same space as others.” (Patrick Strokes)

A quote from an article by Patrick Stokes. I found the article in a new magazine based in Bangalow, its fast becoming my favourite and is called New Philosopher. I’m a big fan so this will probably not be the only post that links, in some roundabout way, to its content.


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“Cynosure” my Online Gallery Opening

NetExhibit.com.au is an online gallery space I’ve been working on for a while. Today, after much advertising and collection of submissions, it has opened for its first exhibition:

As a photography student, I see how assignments can motivate those around me to produce some fantastic work. Sadly, beyond the gaze of the fellow students and lecturers, these works often remain unseen and unappreciated by the outside world. The aim of CYNOSURE, NetExhibit’s first exhibition, is to give some of these students a wider audience, as well as to validate the works and give them a chance to become something more than just a grade.

On display for a limited time are the works from nine selected artists hailing mostly from my uni, Griffith QCA, Brisbane. Would be great if you checked it out.

Below is a vector image I made for the gallery a while ago. Although not really a photographers tool, I’m getting quite attached to Adobe Illustrator.

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