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So, Im Thinking Black?

Here’s the first bit of progress on my Independent project. The process involves spray painting familiar, organic objects a glossy black before shooting them in studio. This series represents a collection of product shots showing off BLaCKs new range of designer vegetables. The work intendeds to explore the relationship between commercial advertising and individuality.

_DSC9402-Edit-Edit Broccoli Black

The concept was inspired from watching the 2002 Documentary “The Century of the Self”. A fantastic insight into the history of marketing and its relationship to social control. Well recommended to watch it. Here’s a good quote from the third episode (43:00) that relates:

“The answers were then analysed by computers. It revealed that there were underlying patterns about the way people felt about themselves which fitted amongst those categories, and at the top of the hierarchy were a large and growing group which cut across all social classes. The SRI team called them the inner directives. These were people who thought they were not defined by their place in society but by the choices they made themselves. But what SRI discovered was that these people could be defined by the different patterns of behaviour through which they chose to express themselves. Self expression was not infinite, it fell into identifiable types and the SRI team developed a new term for it, Lifestyles. They had managed to categorize the new individualism…It was the beginning of lifestyle marketing”


I have a year to complete it so and will be posting all progress to this blog.

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T.V. Dinner

Another Creative Studio shoot. Today’s brief asked for a dining scene, the set had to give the appearance of a natural environment.

It also asked for the shot to be done in full frame 5×4 colour transparency. The two official ones taken tonight will be developed tomorrow. These are some digital captures to give a general feel.

“Food and beverage may also be used” – I used only the best; spam, canned peas, mashed potatoes (fresh from the bag) as well as gravy, it too had to be coaxed from its plastic prison.

Big thanks to Peter Frankland, fellow photographer and willing model.

T.V. Dinner

T.V. Dinner

T.V. Dinner

T.V. Dinner


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