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Brisbane Cultural Centre Fashion Shoot

I’ve always found the architecture by Robin Gibson at Brisbane’s Cultural centre a formalist’s dream. For ages now I’ve been wanting to do some sort of shoot here, and last week I was lucky enough to have this chance. One of my creative advertising assignments required me to create a lookbook for a fashion label.

Collaborating with Brisbane based fashion label Beau In The Woods, who provided the garments, the shoot went underway last Monday.

A big thanks to Beau In The Woods, model Meghan Andersen, makeup artist Molly Dunkle from Dunkle Authentic and Arts Queensland for giving me access to the site.

















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Portland Shoe – Dummy Advertisement

One photo from a series I’m creating for a creative ad. assignment.

"Never mistake your office for the place you make a living"

Never mistake your office for the place you make a living

Models: Mum and Dad

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MODA Creative’s Rooftop Summer Party

“MODA Creative runs a seasonal fashion event, showcasing Australia’s favourite established designers and emerging local labels within three to four shows throughout the evening.” (http://modalimes.eventbrite.com.au/)


Thank You MODA Creative for the invite.

To See


White Lace Boutique – http://www.whitelaceboutique.com.au
Molly & Polly – http://www.mollyandpollyswim.com.au
Lack of Color – http://www.lackofcolor.com.au
La Biquini –
White Lace Boutique – http://www.whitelaceboutique.com.au
We are Submarine – http://www.wearesubmarine.bigcartel.com
_DSC5751 _DSC5753
_DSC5755 _DSC5756-Edit
_DSC5906 _DSC5900

To Be Seen












































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Business, Poolside

Next on the list is the character portrait. Still sticking with the incongruous theme, I decided a man in a business suit in the middle of a pool was just the ticket. I thought Nic, the nautical model with the nacarat beard, was perfect for the job, and indeed he pulled it off nicely. Owner of Milman Productions, a video production company based in Brisbane, it was nice of him to volunteer to spend some of his time on the other side of the lens.

The strobes I brought along couldn’t compete with the sun, the max sync speed of the D600 1/200th sec wasnt fast enough to cut out the midday rays. All the light was ambient and expertly reflected by my patient friends Mauricio and Keenan.

Think I’ll submit the first one, but not certain. Any suggestions would be much appreciated.

Big thanks to all three of you.

Photographer: Joseph Byford
Model: Nic Leggat
Make Up artist: He wouldn’t say
Photography assistants:
  • Mauricio Zárate
  • Keenan Lee
incongruous shoot
incongruous shoot

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Vintage Sunbathing Fashion Shoot

The time has come! Dangerously close to the end of the uni year and I’m desperately trying to get together a folio to present as my last assignment for “Illustrative Studio Techniques” .

The assignment calls for 4 shots: a character portrait, fashion shot, studio set, and a still life. They all should be linked with a theme of some sort.

As usual I left the planning to the very last minute. I figured “incongruity” was a suitably flexible theme for a man on deadline.

This is the first shoot and should tick the “fashion” box. I’m very pleased with it and can’t thank Emily enough for being such a fantastic model. A photographer/graphic designer herself you can see her work here: http://emily-jayne.net/

(shot on rooftop of train station car park in Fortitude Valley)

building leg pose merge

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Undress Brisbane 2013

A few of my favourite shots from last Saturday’s extravagant fashion show in the Valley. Thanks for the invite Undress Brisbane, I look forward to your return.

Check out their site or fb page for more info of the event itself:




























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High Key Fashion Shot

This is my attempt.

hih key 3tif-Edit

Not sure if fashion is my forte.

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99% Grey


Southbank, Brisbane

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Louis Vuitton With a Banjo


A seamless blending of fashion and music.

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Forgotten Memories

Dramatic oxymoron’s aside, do you recognise these people?

I picked up a few old cameras from a second hand store in Lismore, NSW, some weeks ago. These are the photos I developed from the film left in one of them. Who knows how long ago these shots were taken. Anyone fashion savvy venture a guess?

Also, I used some cameras as subjects when getting used to a large format camera at uni. This is one of the test polaroids. The camera laden with “forgotten memories” was the one at the front on the right. Looking forward to the holidays when I have time to fix it.

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