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Vintage Sunbathing Fashion Shoot

The time has come! Dangerously close to the end of the uni year and I’m desperately trying to get together a folio to present as my last assignment for “Illustrative Studio Techniques” .

The assignment calls for 4 shots: a character portrait, fashion shot, studio set, and a still life. They all should be linked with a theme of some sort.

As usual I left the planning to the very last minute. I figured “incongruity” was a suitably flexible theme for a man on deadline.

This is the first shoot and should tick the “fashion” box. I’m very pleased with it and can’t thank Emily enough for being such a fantastic model. A photographer/graphic designer herself you can see her work here: http://emily-jayne.net/

(shot on rooftop of train station car park in Fortitude Valley)

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Wide eye on Brisbane

Ever since the switch to full frame Iv not had a compatible wide angle lens to play with and consequently forgotten how much fun they can be. A few weeks ago I found what I thought to be quite a bargain on ebay, a second hand nikon mount ,sigma, fixed 18mm f/3.5 lens. It finally arrived and, although the explanations for its low asking price are endlessly revealing themselves, I’m having fun with it. These are a few I took today after dropping off some film to Big W. The first one is a .gif so may take a sec to load.













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