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Jeffrey Smart Tribute

I’ve always loved Jeffery Smart’s work. There seems to be a piercingly truthful element to his architectural paintings. He doesn’t produce this sense of verisimilitude by simply revealing the hidden flaws of our infrastructure, instead he forces us to gaze onto something we have been trained to ignore, highlighting the beauty that nestles within all sad scenes. It’s not a new concept at all, but I think he did it well.

I took this on my way to work in the morning with him in mind.

South Bank, Brisbane

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Venice – One Last Try

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“Cynosure” my Online Gallery Opening

NetExhibit.com.au is an online gallery space I’ve been working on for a while. Today, after much advertising and collection of submissions, it has opened for its first exhibition:

As a photography student, I see how assignments can motivate those around me to produce some fantastic work. Sadly, beyond the gaze of the fellow students and lecturers, these works often remain unseen and unappreciated by the outside world. The aim of CYNOSURE, NetExhibit’s first exhibition, is to give some of these students a wider audience, as well as to validate the works and give them a chance to become something more than just a grade.

On display for a limited time are the works from nine selected artists hailing mostly from my uni, Griffith QCA, Brisbane. Would be great if you checked it out.

Below is a vector image I made for the gallery a while ago. Although not really a photographers tool, I’m getting quite attached to Adobe Illustrator.

advert shoped

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Joe Goes to MoMA


Internal Stairs



Franz Kline!!!
“Whitle Forms” (1955)


Amedio Modigliani
“Anna Zborowska” (1917)


Jackson Pollock
“One: Number 31”


Gold Marilyn Monroe
Andy Warhol (American, 1928–1987)


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Sydney Biennale 2012

A quick trip to Sydney to catch the Biennale before uni starts again. Cockatoo Island was fantastic, its dilapidated walls and forgotten industrial infrastructure made it feel like Australia’s own Alcatraz. The art works were not to be ignored – theatrical. Designed to impress on us yet even more politically approved social outcries, each artwork spoke of either the environment, consumerism, sexual equality or multiculturalism. The delivery was unique and intriguing, but for me the substance was lacking in originality and honesty. Is today’s artist really a spokesmen for the mute, or is he/she yet another politically correct “tweeter” looking for followers?


Either way, I found myself attracted mainly to the decaying buildings around this island maze. Part of me wanted to find a secret spot, preferably somewhere high up, like an abandoned crane. This is where I would call home. To survive I would live off fish, oysters and the occasional seagull. It wasn’t until a good friend from Brisbane arrived to join me that I came to my senses. After a beer or two, at the Island’s own Asahi bar, I realised just how hard it is to catch a seagull.



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