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Looking Back

This house once stood a couple of doors down from mine. One day it just vanished.


The shot of the house was taken almost two years ago. The shot of the empty block I shot just a couple hours ago. Both were taken in almost exactly the same position with the same lens (Nikon 50mm 1.8 G).  The extra coverage is due to a recent upgrade to full frame.

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Vintage Sunbathing Fashion Shoot

The time has come! Dangerously close to the end of the uni year and I’m desperately trying to get together a folio to present as my last assignment for “Illustrative Studio Techniques” .

The assignment calls for 4 shots: a character portrait, fashion shot, studio set, and a still life. They all should be linked with a theme of some sort.

As usual I left the planning to the very last minute. I figured “incongruity” was a suitably flexible theme for a man on deadline.

This is the first shoot and should tick the “fashion” box. I’m very pleased with it and can’t thank Emily enough for being such a fantastic model. A photographer/graphic designer herself you can see her work here: http://emily-jayne.net/

(shot on rooftop of train station car park in Fortitude Valley)

building leg pose merge

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QUT Recon Mission

I ventured outside the safety of the QCA walls yesterday to stick posters of my new online gallery, http://netexhibit.com.au/, on the walls of our neighbour University. I was well impressed with the campus. There was a very clean yet industrial feel about the buildings, and the space in between them lets you take them all in. It was like being in some sort of computer generated mini city.

DSC_1777-Edit DSC_1792 DSC_1902 DSC_1905

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Sydney Biennale 2012

A quick trip to Sydney to catch the Biennale before uni starts again. Cockatoo Island was fantastic, its dilapidated walls and forgotten industrial infrastructure made it feel like Australia’s own Alcatraz. The art works were not to be ignored – theatrical. Designed to impress on us yet even more politically approved social outcries, each artwork spoke of either the environment, consumerism, sexual equality or multiculturalism. The delivery was unique and intriguing, but for me the substance was lacking in originality and honesty. Is today’s artist really a spokesmen for the mute, or is he/she yet another politically correct “tweeter” looking for followers?


Either way, I found myself attracted mainly to the decaying buildings around this island maze. Part of me wanted to find a secret spot, preferably somewhere high up, like an abandoned crane. This is where I would call home. To survive I would live off fish, oysters and the occasional seagull. It wasn’t until a good friend from Brisbane arrived to join me that I came to my senses. After a beer or two, at the Island’s own Asahi bar, I realised just how hard it is to catch a seagull.



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