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I’m Just Waiting For A Mate

A friend recently informed me of this ozi meme that’s apparently been circling for ages. That’s usually how I’m made privy to the happenings of the world. This shot was taken on our drive from Dar Es Salaam to Moshi, Tanzania. In case there are some as bad as me, in keeping up to date with pretty much everything, here’s a link to the original I’m referencing:


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Do Not Keep Open


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Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday

It was a windy day and I had to try out the continuous focus on my new toy, the Nikon D600. The balloons were vibrant and bright. Light and free they dodged and darted from one spot to the other. It took a while to get what I was looking for. I crouched down, climbed high, even went to a concert trying to capture the right moment. Checking the preview after each shot I thought, its good, “but it could have been better”.
Capturing it was pure luck, and I’m so glad I did, if only for a fleeting moment.