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Business, Poolside

Next on the list is the character portrait. Still sticking with the incongruous theme, I decided a man in a business suit in the middle of a pool was just the ticket. I thought Nic, the nautical model with the nacarat beard, was perfect for the job, and indeed he pulled it off nicely. Owner of Milman Productions, a video production company based in Brisbane, it was nice of him to volunteer to spend some of his time on the other side of the lens.

The strobes I brought along couldn’t compete with the sun, the max sync speed of the D600 1/200th sec wasnt fast enough to cut out the midday rays. All the light was ambient and expertly reflected by my patient friends Mauricio and Keenan.

Think I’ll submit the first one, but not certain. Any suggestions would be much appreciated.

Big thanks to all three of you.

Photographer: Joseph Byford
Model: Nic Leggat
Make Up artist: He wouldn’t say
Photography assistants:
  • Mauricio Zárate
  • Keenan Lee
incongruous shoot
incongruous shoot

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Rhythm with a Crascendo

In my last lecture for creative studio techniques we were each assigned a piece of homework. The task was to create an image that represented “rhythm with a crescendo”. With a brief as precisely obscure as this, I came up with only one idea. Not really sure if it works but it was a good excuse to play with water again.

water rhythm with crescendo

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Cheers, Salute, Prost, Yechid dah…

I’m addicted to capturing the forms of liquid in motion. This particular shoot was a spur of the moment thing fuelled by a few nightcaps.

I had just made my own umbrella reflector out of an old black umbrella and some white craft paint. I taped it to a tripod along with my Nikon sb700 flash. The camera, also on a tripod, was set to be triggered with a 2 second delay by a remote I held in my left hand. After a couple of test shots I managed to get the timing right. Shutter speed wasn’t all that important, around 1/100, it was left up to the speed light to freeze the movement of the water.

Happy with the results I went to bed. Next morning I noticed the carpet in the living room was a little squelchy, but I think the results were worth it.

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