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Looking Back

This house once stood a couple of doors down from mine. One day it just vanished.


The shot of the house was taken almost two years ago. The shot of the empty block I shot just a couple hours ago. Both were taken in almost exactly the same position with the same lens (Nikon 50mm 1.8 G).  The extra coverage is due to a recent upgrade to full frame.

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Sketchy street in New York

Sketchy New York St

This shot is from my previous “America 2012 – Looking Back – Film Roll # 3” post. The mat texture is made by overlaying a scanned image of paper with light shining though it. The sketch was made by tracing over the original image using various brushes in Photoshop. Masking was then applied to the sketch layer revealing most of the original image.

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The Rain in Spain

Falls mainly on the plane


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Italian Laundromat In Brisbane

Another composite of a sad looking laundromat framed by a photo I took of a ceiling outside one of my regular bus stops in Brisbane CBD.


Farm House

A composite shot made from two photos. A farm house in NSW, not far from the iconic Nocro Castle, and another shot of a well weathered picnic table outside a pub in Wardell. The table top gives the sky it’s worn out look which I thought complemented the state of the house.