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America 2012 – Looking Back – Film Roll # 3

New York City

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“Beauty in the European sense has always had a premeditated quality to it. We’ve always had an aesthetic intention and a long-range plan. That’s what enabled Western man to spend decades building a Gothic cathedral or Renaissance piazza. The beauty of New York rests on a completely different base. It’s unintentional. It arose independent of human design, like a stalagmitic cavern. Forms which are in themselves quite ugly turn up fortuitously, without design, in such incredible surroundings that they sparkle with a sudden wondrous poetry.” (Milan Kundera)

It’s been about five years since I read Milan Kundera’s, “The Unbearable Lightness of Being”, and still little snippets like this keep coming to mind. Although not a particularly mind blowing quote, I remember it was what first sparked my interest in one day visiting the city.

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America 2012 – Looking Back – Film Roll # 2

San Diego

Sketch painting phone gif

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