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Head in the Clouds

Im currently racking up the hours that iv either been in the air or waiting in the airport for my turn to return to the air. I know its got to be at least 20 now, but could also be as long as 70. Who’s to know. I haven’t slept for the duration though, so this post may be a little sloppy. No time for sleep, much too excited, my little screen tells me its only one hour to go before me and dad touch down in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. The three week road trip  around the country won’t officially start until tomorrow when we meet up with Javier, my brother, at Mt Kilimanjaro.


Having not touched terra firma yet I can’t make my first Tanzanian post. I have, however, sifted through some shots taken recently that fit to the sky heavy theme that’s going on out the window.

Italian for clouds, I always thought the word nebia was phonetically unfitting.  It’s too sharp, kind of tinny? Had I internet up here I’d now be stuck on youtube in a perpetual cycle of Monty Python clips.



Cloud, that’s a much better sound for the apparently voluminous yet ephemeral meteorological phenomenon. To pronounce nebia you barely have to open your jaw wide enough to take a sip from your conveniently located scotch on ice. Say cloud and, for a fraction of a second, you have enough room to sneak a marshmallow WHICH!, seeing as wer on the subject of phonetics, is pronounced marshmellos, not marshmarllows. Truth be told I have been known to pronounce the later version, but only for nostalgic reasons, or if I’m looking for a cheap thrill.


On the ground now with some net to post. With the sleep deprivation induced insanity slowly dissipating, I realise this whole post is based on my belief that nebia is italian for cloud, which it is not. Apologies, nebia means fog, nuvole is cloud. Ima post this anyway.


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Lost in Face

“online communication lacks the risk involved in physically being there, the sheer vulnerability that comes from our fragile bodies in the same space as others.” (Patrick Strokes)

A quote from an article by Patrick Stokes. I found the article in a new magazine based in Bangalow, its fast becoming my favourite and is called New Philosopher. I’m a big fan so this will probably not be the only post that links, in some roundabout way, to its content.


mum n dad039-Edit




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james st

Street shot: James St, Brisbane, QLD

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Looking Back

This house once stood a couple of doors down from mine. One day it just vanished.


The shot of the house was taken almost two years ago. The shot of the empty block I shot just a couple hours ago. Both were taken in almost exactly the same position with the same lens (Nikon 50mm 1.8 G).  The extra coverage is due to a recent upgrade to full frame.

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Vigari Fashion Shoot

This morning I had the pleasure of shoot for Vigari Fashion Boutique, a place for quality women’s fashion online. Based here in Brisbane, the shop itself is also worth a gander.

Here are a few of my favourites.

earings norm









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MODA Creative’s Rooftop Summer Party

“MODA Creative runs a seasonal fashion event, showcasing Australia’s favourite established designers and emerging local labels within three to four shows throughout the evening.” (


Thank You MODA Creative for the invite.

To See


White Lace Boutique –
Molly & Polly –
Lack of Color –
La Biquini –
White Lace Boutique –
We are Submarine –
_DSC5751 _DSC5753
_DSC5755 _DSC5756-Edit
_DSC5906 _DSC5900

To Be Seen












































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Weekend at Bernie’s (Cover)

More fun with the Nikon F4 and the Sigma 18mm f/3.5

Weekend at Bernie's




Hayley Lourigan




Some Tuckshop Aesthetic

Tuckshop Aesthetic

Tuckshop Aesthetic

Tuckshop Aesthetic

Tuckshop Aesthetic

Tuckshop Aesthetic


Sun Down

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My Friend and I

The nikon F4 + Sigma 18mm3.5

Joseph Byford self portrait

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Incongruous Still Life?

Not sure if this is hitting the mark. Thinking of scene is proving to be fridgin hard. This one reminds me of a Black Books eppisode.


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Business, Poolside

Next on the list is the character portrait. Still sticking with the incongruous theme, I decided a man in a business suit in the middle of a pool was just the ticket. I thought Nic, the nautical model with the nacarat beard, was perfect for the job, and indeed he pulled it off nicely. Owner of Milman Productions, a video production company based in Brisbane, it was nice of him to volunteer to spend some of his time on the other side of the lens.

The strobes I brought along couldn’t compete with the sun, the max sync speed of the D600 1/200th sec wasnt fast enough to cut out the midday rays. All the light was ambient and expertly reflected by my patient friends Mauricio and Keenan.

Think I’ll submit the first one, but not certain. Any suggestions would be much appreciated.

Big thanks to all three of you.

Photographer: Joseph Byford
Model: Nic Leggat
Make Up artist: He wouldn’t say
Photography assistants:
  • Mauricio Zárate
  • Keenan Lee
incongruous shoot
incongruous shoot

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