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On The Move – Venice animations

Still stuck on Venice and will be for some time yet according to the recently developed negs. At least these ones move ( :

p.s. this may take a while to load and play properly.





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2013 San Pellegrino Cafe Society Competition

And now for something completely different.

Back in oz now and with only a few days left till the submission date for the San Pellegrino photography competition.

Each applicant was designated a cafe for the shoot to take place, we were then given pretty much free reign to create whatever image we wanted. The only catch was that one of the San Pellegrino products had to be present in the image.

My cafe, Barefoot Barista located on Palm Beach Avenue in the Gold Coast, was a tastefully furnished joint with what I thought was a slightly African twist.

I’m well pleased with the results, just wish I could decide which one to submit. I know its going to be either the first or the second image.

I am pleased with the results but I’m stuck in a dilemma. Only one photo is allowed to be submitted, iv culled it down to the first two. Got to make up my mind by tomorrow.

Costumes and styling by Zulu Samba Costumes






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