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On the Study Sauce


Explored some ideas today for the next Commercial Techniques “Black on Black” assignment. Lots of ideas came to mind, but I settled with this line of thought. I shot this in digital.

The title of the supposed magazine we are shooting for is “Sharp”. I plan to have a triangle obscuring the light coming from the snoot hitting the background. This will split the beam you see now in two. The Bottle should nestle neatly in between the two formed lines. To me it pushes the concept of sharpness.

The concept of “sharpness” has always fascinated me. What does it mean to be sharp. Is it something with less surface area than its opposition, like a piece of paper and a block of butter? No. The edge of a piece of paper could easily buckle before cutting through such a bock. Sharpness must be a combination of minimal surface area and density. This theory works well in most everyday situations; an axe cuts a tree better than a razor blade would, a base ball bat will cut through a dense collection of fog better than a feather would. The razor is sharper but less dense so fails, as does the feather.

Light, however, abides by its own rules, of which I’m learning with the hope of better predicting it in the future.

Il post the progression of the shoot late this week or early next week.

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“Cynosure” my Online Gallery Opening is an online gallery space I’ve been working on for a while. Today, after much advertising and collection of submissions, it has opened for its first exhibition:

As a photography student, I see how assignments can motivate those around me to produce some fantastic work. Sadly, beyond the gaze of the fellow students and lecturers, these works often remain unseen and unappreciated by the outside world. The aim of CYNOSURE, NetExhibit’s first exhibition, is to give some of these students a wider audience, as well as to validate the works and give them a chance to become something more than just a grade.

On display for a limited time are the works from nine selected artists hailing mostly from my uni, Griffith QCA, Brisbane. Would be great if you checked it out.

Below is a vector image I made for the gallery a while ago. Although not really a photographers tool, I’m getting quite attached to Adobe Illustrator.

advert shoped

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Sand People

This series is a follow up on Alex, my cousin, and Laura’s a wedding. The digital shots can be seen in an older post called Ten Portraits and a Wedding. These where taken using a completely mechanical Nikon fm slr with a manual focus 50mm f/1.4 using kodak 3200 ISO Black and white film. I finally had the time to develop and scan the roll recently and I’m sorry to say I’m fairly disappointed with the results. The incredibly high amount of grain, rendering the photos more impressionistic than documentary, has in turn rendered me slightly disenchanted from the idea of using film. I was of course expecting some amount of grain in the images, it was an aesthetic I looked forward to pushing, but I wasn’t expecting everything I shot to be represented as some sort of extravagant sand sculpture. Each shot is followed by its copy with some light room adjustments. All I really did is go to the ‘noise reduction tab and boosted the luminance bar close to 100%. You lose contrast and sharpness doing this but in this case its better than nothing.

















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Another Walk in the Valley




A new fresh fish shop in the valley? This was quite an exciting discovery

A new fresh fish shop in the valley? This was quite an exciting discovery

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99% Grey


Southbank, Brisbane

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A Virgin, Lactose Free and Slightly Fishy Metaphorical Storm’s a-brewing.

Made with:

  • a fish bowl
  • Extra Virgin olive oil
  • Lactose free milk
  • a functioning Angular Gyrus

A quick and spontaneous shoot tonight inspired by an advertising image I saw today in my “computer visualisation” class:

Admittedly this post will also function as a bit of a personal social experiment to see how many hits I get with such an arresting title.

DSC_4366 (2)






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Midnight Snap

Touch of insomnia last night so I took to the earilly quiet streets with my bike and a 50mm 1.8

DSC_4180 DSC_4143 DSC_4185 DSC_4199 DSC_4201 DSC_4206 DSC_4210 DSC_4221

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