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Sketchy street in New York

Sketchy New York St

This shot is from my previous “America 2012 – Looking Back – Film Roll # 3” post. The mat texture is made by overlaying a scanned image of paper with light shining though it. The sketch was made by tracing over the original image using various brushes in Photoshop. Masking was then applied to the sketch layer revealing most of the original image.

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America 2012 – Looking Back – Film Roll # 3

New York City

nyc roll 2046-Edit2

“Beauty in the European sense has always had a premeditated quality to it. We’ve always had an aesthetic intention and a long-range plan. That’s what enabled Western man to spend decades building a Gothic cathedral or Renaissance piazza. The beauty of New York rests on a completely different base. It’s unintentional. It arose independent of human design, like a stalagmitic cavern. Forms which are in themselves quite ugly turn up fortuitously, without design, in such incredible surroundings that they sparkle with a sudden wondrous poetry.” (Milan Kundera)

It’s been about five years since I read Milan Kundera’s, “The Unbearable Lightness of Being”, and still little snippets like this keep coming to mind. Although not a particularly mind blowing quote, I remember it was what first sparked my interest in one day visiting the city.

nyc roll 2041-Editnyc roll 2044-Editnyc roll 2051-Editnyc roll 2050-Editnyc film027-Editnyc roll 2055-Editnyc film030-Editnyc film032-Edit nyc film033-Edit-Editnyc film028-Editnyc film025-Editnyc film024-Edit

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“I’m responsible for my rose…,” the little prince repeated, in order to remember.

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Underwater Photography


Dad: what u do today?

me: Bought a fish bowl.

Dad: what did you do with it?

Me: filled it with water.

Dad: on ya son.

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Reflected reflections

I picked up yet another discarded atlas from a garage sale in Byron Bay. These two pages were my favourite and I had to find an excuse to make it a gif. The pacman theme I guess was inspired by the simplicity of the map as well as a need to practice making simple vectors  using Illustrator .

pacman animation map circle map

PrintThe result is this infinitely looping animation created in CS6.


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