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New Film Scanner

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Cheers, Salute, Prost, Yechid dah…

I’m addicted to capturing the forms of liquid in motion. This particular shoot was a spur of the moment thing fuelled by a few nightcaps.

I had just made my own umbrella reflector out of an old black umbrella and some white craft paint. I taped it to a tripod along with my Nikon sb700 flash. The camera, also on a tripod, was set to be triggered with a 2 second delay by a remote I held in my left hand. After a couple of test shots I managed to get the timing right. Shutter speed wasn’t all that important, around 1/100, it was left up to the speed light to freeze the movement of the water.

Happy with the results I went to bed. Next morning I noticed the carpet in the living room was a little squelchy, but I think the results were worth it.

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Happy Hands

This series is inspired by the manikin curator working at Myer’s in Brisbane CBD .

The film was colour but because I didn’t have a proper neg scanner at the time I improvised with my ordinary, multipurpose HP scanner/printer thing. The results where bearable but I couldn’t retrieve any colour from them.

I placed the negs over the flat bed scanner and flattened them down with a piece of glass from an A4 photo frame. Then, by sticking some paper over a desk lamp, made a make shift soft box which provided a somewhat even light over the surface of the flatbed. Set at the highest dpi, these where the results.